USAGI 1.0.1 release

This build contains numerous bug fixes and improvements.


fixed errors in the title 

scaled damage mitigation for every monster level gained 

added tap to continue functionality

reorganized start panel UI 

fixed typo on starting screen 

fixed enemy stun, they attacked even when stunned 

fixed bug where start items were still shown even during reload

changed heal sprite 

increased poison range 

add error message for out of range targets for shoot skill 

adjusted range for charge 

adjusted range for spellball 

increased spell stun cost 

increased fireball cost and damage 

scaled poison damage to monsters with player skill 

scaled poison damage on player with floor 

allow hold down key to move for standalone builds 

reduced upgrade costs so they arent impossible to obtain when traversing through the dungeon 

removed status id from messaging 

dragons now  shoot fireballs as intended

display highest level on start panel 

fixed upgrade purchases bug

stop trolls from taking more money than player owns 

fixed bug where keyboard input would cause system failure

now checks for monster poison death

now displays poison damage on monsters 


Usagi Mac 26 MB
Mar 15, 2018
Usagi Win32 11 MB
Mar 15, 2018
Usagi Linux 27 MB
Mar 15, 2018


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